wtorek, 19 marca 2013

Some pictures of my precious...


One of my first painted, and converted figures...few years ago..photos taken with my cellphone;)

My new stuff...

Space Wolves Terminator

My biggest pride, 8.1 score on cool mini or not by registered users. Hope You like this little fella:)
check him out on CMON http://www.coolminiornot.com/323716

Blood raven sergeant

My little romance witch red paints- blood raven sergeant!
showcase of my tactical squad, converted and unique ;) Bunch of smurfs ready for action:)
Another conversion, space marines biker build by me:) I do not like the old, static and boring bikers from gw, so here is my version of smurfs easy rider:)
My version of one of my favorite characters from wh40k universe - Ragnar Blackmane. Hope You like this conversion.
My, (almost) self made chaplain...I tried lots of different technics and painting styles on this fella:)
Space marines terminators...hope You like it:)
My latest work, space marines apothecary:)

That's my new intro, hope you like it
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